Warm greetings from the New Moon Folk Club!


We’ve been working hard to produce another high-quality musical lineup and we’re pleased to let you know that we have an entire season scheduled and ready to go. We had fully intended to start the 2021/22 season in October, but the pandemic seems to have other plans. 


Of course, our top priority is the health and safety of our patrons, volunteers, and performers. With the current increase in Covid cases, we still live in a time of great uncertainty. 


Our secondary priority is providing our patrons with a great New Moon Folk Club experience. We have an extensive list of health and safety measures that we are prepared to implement but, with all these measures in place, we acknowledge that the patron experience might be compromised. 


We are still here and we’re working hard behind the scenes to bring the music back! We may start the season this fall, or we might begin the season in January and offer a mini season pass for the final seven shows…we are not able to make this decision just yet. We’ll continue to monitor the Covid situation closely, we’ll review and assess all options, and we’ll provide regular updates as we go. 

We encourage patrons to watch our website and our social media channels for further updates. You can also sign up for our newsletter. In the interim, we encourage all patrons to stay safe and to be fully vaccinated.