MAY 13, 2022 - double bill

Aleksi Campagne is a folk fiddle-singer and songwriter from Montreal. He floors audiences by singing while accompanying himself on the violin and often combines this with avant-garde distortion pedals. His music bends his folk roots with his jazz training to deliver a new take on the folk songwriting tradition.


Much like the eclectic arts scene of his hometown, Aleksi continues to push his musical boundaries. His virtuosic violin style has been compared to that of Andrew Bird, he accompanies himself on the violin while singing and he has a voice that lends homage to R&B legend Sam Cooke—in fact, his new song “Sweet Talk” pays tribute to Cook himself. Aleksi’s eclectic folk sound and heartfelt lyrics have been known to move audiences all across Canada. 


His latest project is a four-piece band, made up of some of the finest young musicians Montreal has to offer, Stephane Krims (Bass), Aaron Dolman (drums) and Zach Bachand (guitar). 


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Les Barricades! Born on the trans Canadian highway and steamed in Montréal's musical espresso pot, they embody the fusion of styles and language that epitomizes Montreal's unique flavor. Led by the indomitable Gabriel Campagne who's voice and charm will lead you through both French and English songs, their original material is a fusion of traditional, pop, classical, blues and rock. Yes! you'll hear it all and so much more when you take on a night with Les Barricades.


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