MAR 25, 2022

Jon Brooks writes songs to calm those who've looked into and seen what is in their hearts; he also writes songs to terrify those who’ve not. Jon has the dubious honour of owning the record for the most nominations from The Canadian Folk Music Awards in the category of English Songwriter of the Year (2007/2009/2012/2015). In 2010 he became the 4th Canadian since 1975 to win the prestigious New Folk Award at The Kerrville Folk Festival. His seventh and latest album, Moth Nor Rust II, (Fallen Tree Records, 13.9.2019), revisits his 2009 solo acoustic set, Moth Nor Rust, with 10 years of artistic maturity and with his new band, The Outskirts of Approval.  The album, a fan favourite long out of print, begins with the idea that whatever makes us happily human happens also to be intangible: love, hope, trust, forgiveness, vigilance, faith, curiosity, memory, inspiration, courage, wonder and wonder’s paradoxical willingness to accept and embrace the ineffable and the unknown. 


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