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A Night of Rising Stars

New Moon Folk Club Pays Tribute to Bill Bourne

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Internationally recognized and loved Bill Bourne, winner of three Junos was well known as mentor to many musicians, both in his adopted home of Edmonton and worldwide. Bill’s music is wide ranging, incorporating a variety of musical styles, including Indigenous, African, Cajun,

Celtic, country, delta blues, flamenco, folk, funk, gospel, reggae, and worldbeat.

Honouring Bill’s legacy of mentorship 

Our New Moon Folk Club is known for providing significant opportunities for local emerging musicians. What better way to extend Bill Bourne’s legacy than to host a night of local Rising Stars, many of whom have personal connections to Bill? These Rising Stars are Sammy Volkov; Laurelle Kanji, Kaylin Kowalyshyn, Billie ZiZi; Kaiya Kodie, and Brianna Lizotte. The tribute concert is a songwriter in the round style.

Sammy Volkov - Press Photo 3 (1).png

Sammy Volkov

The buzz in the hallways of the 2024 Folk Alliance International showcases WAS “His voice!” This does not overshadow Sammy’s songwriting; think Roy Orbison and Townes Van Zandt had a co-writing session; perhaps hard to imagine if you have not yet experienced Sammy’s music. Expect to see Sammy at some of your favourite folk festivals in Alberta this summer.

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Laurelle K Cropped.jpeg

Laurelle Kanji

Laurelle has a special connection with Bill, having recorded and toured with him. Laurelle wrote and performs a song about travelling in Bill’s Winnebago. Laurelle Kanji is a singer songwriter whose passion for creating meaningful music has taken on many incarnations over the years. Making a comeback from a hiatus to raise her family with a fresh perspective on the role music plays in life, she is eager to debut new material and get immersed in the music scene again.

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Kaylin K (1).webp

Kaylin Kowalyshyn

A true prairie wild rose. Kaylin has been an aspiring musician since the age of 3. She explores many folk genres in expressing her muse in deep, meanful ways which will touch your heart. The singer songwriter in the round is the perfect format for Kaylin’s talents and collaborative nature.

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Kaiya Kodie

Kaiya is a singer, guitarist, piano player and songwriter who’s introspective nature drives her desire to weave unique textures of melodies and lyrics combined. She recently enchanted a full house at the Yardbird Suite with her playing, singing and storytelling. She seamlessly blended her original material with delightful covers such as Tom Wait’s "Long Way Home". We look forward to hearing which Bill Bourne tunes she chooses to perform.

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Brianna Lizotte

Brianna Lizotte is a fiddler currently living in Edmonton Alberta. She grew up in a household where music was played, whether it was from home videos or kitchen parties. At the age of 10, most of the musicians in her family passed away, so she took it upon herself to keep the music alive. This has led her to many opportunities such as competing twice in the Canadian Grand Masters, music festivals across Alberta, and traveling to Rome to support the Metis delegates during their meetings with the Pope in 2022. Apart from performing, Brianna can be found teaching fiddle lessons, Metis history through music and dance workshops, and in studios recording for documentaries, EPs, singles, etc. Recently graduating from MacEwan University’s Bachelor of Music program, she looks forward to developing her voice within the Canadian music scene.

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Billie Z (2).jpg

Billie ZiZi

It is so appropriate that CBC Radio producer Chris Martin said “Billie is not just a studied,
accomplished and diverse musician. She is a bridge between the generation before her...! This is our intent with choosing rising stars in tribute to Bill Bourne. Billie deftly combines the
groove of classic soul with a flair for contemporary RnB melody, while adding an avant-jazz
vibe with her adventurous guitar forays to create a sound as accessible as it is experimental.

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