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NMFC Patrons

Thank you to everyone who supported our June 2015 crowdfunding campaign!

Together, we will keep the music alive. We appreciate your support and would like to especially acknowledge patrons who provided gifts of $100 or more. Also, some patrons have made generous gifts and have asked to remain anonymous. 


Glenn Iriye

Mitch & Maryann Sabourin

Kathleen Daintith

Kent Kirkland

Darren & Helene Tomaszewski

Brian Gatien

Myron Selby

Bill & Linda Cook

Ian Rosser

Terry Owen

Daniel Person

Bill Lineker

Patrick and JoAnn Riechers

John and Brenda Inglis

Stillman LLP

Mike Davies

Chris Smith

Kent Stewart

Tammy Kirkland

Joe Duperreault

Kevin Fitzgerald

Michael Senchuk

Charlotte Bragg Wes Yeo


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