Ticket refunds for cancelled shows

As you know, we’ve cancelled the Paperboys show (March 20) and the Jon Brooks show (March 27). Here’s the process for refunds:

1) If you purchased an individual ticket through Tix on the Square, you can phone them (780 420 1757) for a full refund (including all service charges). 
2) If you purchased a ticket from Blackbyrd Myoozik, you can go there in person to receive a full refund as soon as Blackbyrd re-opens (they are currently closed).
3) If you purchased a ticket at the club during an earlier performance, please send an e-mail to newmoonkevin@gmail.com to make refund arrangements.
4) If you are a season pass holder, and would like a pro-rated refund on the cost of last year’s season pass, you can contact Tix on the Square (780 420 1757) for a $35 refund (per pass).  

We are working with Tix on the Square to make this process as convenient as possible. You can purchase a new season pass and receive a refund on last year’s pass at the same time.


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jon brooks home.png