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Feb 2, 2024

opening for steve dawson & the hooded merGANSERS
The Dice Cubes

There is no denying that Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly is alive in the Canadian Prairies! The irresistible sound of Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Elvis and Jerry Lee’s­­ music has been rooted deep in our hearts, our feet and our collective musical consciousness. This is why The Dice Cubes seem both familiar and shockingly new. Gleaning what they can from the giants, and drawing inspiration from the likes of contemporary artists like JD McPherson, Chris Isaak and Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, The Dice Cubes are tapping into this enduring vibration while trying to shape their own distinct beat!
While this Edmonton-based five-piece has other styles of music at their fingertips, be it Rockabilly, Jazz, and Rhythm and Blues, it is that bedrock pulse laid down by radio pioneers like D.J. Fontana back in 1957, that resonates throughout the music of The Dice Cubes. Igniting the dance floor with a snap of the snare; Rock ‘n’ Roll was enough to cause teenagers to jerk in paroxysms of joy, and every adult to tremble in anticipation of a coming cultural shift. The Dice Cubes never lost that beat that has been twisted into our collective DNA; it is in their eternal rhythm.


The band’s exploration of their influences rolls out fast and infectiously; Moving from rollicking Rock ’n’ Roll (Rumble Strip; Come With Me) and Rockabilly Swing (Fat City; Got Lucky) to bouncy Hawaiian grooves (Hula Girl), Jazzy Interludes (Dead In My Tracks) and Crooning Slow Dances (You’re Too Cool; Night Tide). They all become more evident on second or third listens: a touch of country, a hint of New Orleans, an overly caffeinated hot-rod Cliff Gallup (Calling all Cars). Count ‘em all out if you want, or just Listen & Dance, which is what this music was always intended for.


Brothers-in-law Jimmy (Vocals) and Dawson (Guitars) started The Dice Cubes in 2015 writing lyrics and guitar licks respectively. They are joined by multi-instrumentalist Andrew (Back Ups, Piano, Rhythm Guitar and Violin), and new to the rhythm section long-time Edmonton music scene staples; Chris (Upright Bass) and Derek (Drums). The Dice Cubes have played everything from Dive-Bars and Weddings to Car Shows and Festivals. All ages, family-friendly and fun, The Dice Cubes love to light up a dance floor!


“The local five-piece is one of the city’s best-kept secrets, a soulfully swaggering combo with killer songwriting and a flexible six-string master in Dawson Walker. They’re on a bit of a tear lately." - Tom Murray (Edmonton Journal)

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