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Jan 19, 2024

opening for SUZIE VINNICK
The Reckless Consensus

The Reckless Consensus is an Edmonton-based three-piece band comprised of talented musicians: Alan Donnelly, on vocals, guitar, and harmonica; Mike Twittey, on bass and backing vocals and David Carlton, on the drums. Each member brings a unique musical perspective to the group, allowing them to curate a distinctive sound. Their original compositions incorporate elements from various genres, defying classification within a single musical category. The band's musical cocktail showcases a sharp, upbeat blend of folk, blues, and country influences, with subtle hints of pop and Irish traditional music and soca beats.

The Reckless Consensus has released three singles and an EP titled "Dark Side of the City." Notably, their first single, "Heart Moon Sun," is a testament to their collaborative spirit during the pandemic, featuring joint efforts with the Nanaimo Contemporary Ballet, Diane Gibson (fashion designer), and Tim West Photography for the accompanying video. Their second single, "Fade Away," even found its way onto CTV weather reports, serenading morning coffee drinkers in Edmonton. 

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