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 nov 11, 2022 - DOUBLE BILL

Originally from southern Alberta, veteran soldier Tim Isberg is an accomplished singer-songwriter.  From Rwanda to Afghanistan, Tim experienced the real-life challenges while deployed in different cultures and conflicts amid the best and worst humanity has to offer.  As a performer, he has entertained audiences in many corners of the world.


Tim is a story-teller who brings a Americana blend of well-crafted Alt-Country, Roots and Contemporary Folk songs to the stage and a unique and endearing array of life experiences he shares in a way that makes each listener feel connected. 


Nominated for 2016 ACMA Male Artist of the Year, Tim's album 'Tears Along The Road' was released in 2015 and recorded with Grammy nominee and celebrated JUNO award-winning producer-engineer Miles Wilkinson, and was selected by Music Canada as one of the Top 25 favourite Albums of 2015.  His latest album, Running On The Edge, also produced by Wilkinson, was released in 2019 and nominated as Top 5 Best Album of the Year by the ACMA. 


He's also a published author. The 2017 book 'Everyday Heroes' includes a chapter by Tim on one of his adventures in the line of duty. It's a national best seller.


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 nov 11, 2022 - DOUBLE BILL

Good songwriters venture out beyond their immediate time and space. 2022 Juno winning Maria Dunn finds power in the long view, following her curiosity to examine history and deeper meanings in everyday situations. Her breadth of large and small stories documents momentary snapshots and life-long lessons but the most important part comes in the way she fits personal portraits to the cinematic widescreen.

Dunn's new album Joyful Banner Blazing is her first release in four years and seventh album in a career spanning over 20 years, an intriguing set of contrasting numbers from the simple love song to stories of wider human triumph.

Produced by Shannon Johnson (Juno award winner with The McDades), Joyful Banner Blazing was meant for release in late May 2020 with subsequent touring plans, but like so many other artists, Dunn's project was postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Roger Levesque, Music Journalist (January 2021)


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