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Opening For Ndidi Onukwulu



Westmore is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter & self-taught multi-instrumentalist from Central Alberta. Growing up in church & surrounded by a musical family, from a young age, he always had a passion for music.


He’s a Folk & Blues musician, though his influences spread far and wide. His music is raw & relatable — while trying to capture what is in his heart. So that he may share it with the world, trying to shine a light in the darkest places. After the debut of his EP ‘Untitled #1’, he has been winning the hearts of countless folks around Edmonton. Including judges from JFMF 2024’s ‘Battle Royale’, resulting in winning a spot at Jasper Folk Fest!


As a child, he refused to take lessons no matter how hard his father tried to teach him. At the age of 6, Westmore had come across a chord sheet that had chord diagrams on it. After a few minutes of figuring it out, Westmore learned to play a G, C, D, Em & Am. From that day forward, Westmore has learned about everything he knows by teaching himself.

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